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Organic White Sage smudge stick - small 12cm

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White Sage is a sacred plant used in rituals, ceremonies & for the purification of self & spaces.

Originally connected to the Native American peoples, it is important to understand the history and sacredness of this plant to walk with respect and right relationship.

Today, White Sage has been over harvested & the use of this sacred plant, must be respected.

Certified Organic & grown in Victoria, Australia and has the most beautiful and pure energy.

Each bundle is approximately 12cm in length and a little will go a very long way. An option is to separate the bundle and keep the foliage in a special vessel.

Just ONE leaf at a time, will cleanse effectively.

Grandfather Sage will clear away any negative energies & purify the Spirit, helping you to ground and to breathe in lightness.


Light the smudge stick at the tip sof the leaves, allow it to burn for 5 to 10 seconds and gently blow on the embers to create smoke. Move gently and wave the smudge stick around in the air (with the incense hovering over a vessel to catch any ash or embers). After use extiguish the smudge stick in sand or a small dish of water.



Salvia Apiana


*please note these products are natural and contain organic ingredients but they are not certified organic.