We are passionate about minimising our impact and have spent some sleepless nights trying to figure out how to offer an amazing Palm oil free shampoo & conditioner alternatives that treats your hair & the environment well. At the beginning we looked at glass packaging for the Shampoo & Conditioner but saw that there could be some problems with glass in tiled showers & bathrooms so we went with a strong, recyclable plastic that is actually recycled and can be used again.

See more about our recycling program below.






How can you use the Plastic refill program?
​If you purchase our shampoo or conditioner you can return the bottles to us for refilling. This process will take around a week and will give you the opportunity to do your bit by using the bottles over and over again before recycling them if they ever get too worn out. Our shampoo & conditioner bottles can be recycled into carpets and many other products but we prefer to just use them as much as we can before having to do that.  







Instructions for our Plastic refill program
​If you purchase the shampoo or conditioner directly from us online you will receive them in a box with an address card that can be used to return the clean empty bottles to us for refilling. If you did not that is okay to you just follow the instructions below to participate and get some more hair goodness without more plastic.​

1. Wash & Dry your bottles. This will save time on your refills being returned to you quickly.
2. Return the bottles to us. If you have your Karma box you can use this to return the bottles which saves money and packaging. Attach your address card to the front ( make sure you remove or cover up your address so they don't send it back to you :) )Label the parcel in this way:
c/o Desert Shadow Refill ProgramPO BOX 329 Freshwater, NSW 2096***
make sure you put your name and phone number so we can match it to your refill order.
3. Place your refill order online and make payment4. Wait for your karma box to return with your refilled goodies

​* Please allow time for your bottles to get to us, be sterilised and refilled. 1 week is usually a good amount of time for that process of sending, receiving and sending back to you.
**Please note that postage of the refills is payable by the customer.