Strand Testing - tips for first time users testing our organic colours

Strand Testing - tips for first time users testing our organic colours

Posted by Charmaine on 22nd Mar 2023

First time users

It is important to perform a strand test if you have never used this product before. We recommend you do this 2 days before full application. Allowing the 2 days will give your test patch time to settle and reflect the true result.


Strand testing tips

  • Use electronic kitchen scales to weigh out the proportions of your hair colour. This will ensure you get the correct colour shade. If you do not weigh the amounts you will get a different colour tone
  • Mix the paste as per instructions in the pack. We have 2 methods for mixing - Grey coverage & Non Grey coverage.
  • Apply the paste to a good section of your hair that is not noticeable.
  • Apply the paste thickly & wrap the section with something to create a barrier so it doesn't go on to other parts of your hair. 
  • Once you have wrapped the section, wrap your entire head in a towel or scarf. Warmth helps the colour to develop in your hair and your natural body heat will help. 
  • NOTE: If the strand test section is left cold or goes dry you will not get a true reflection of the colour result.
  • The longer you leave the colour the deeper the shade will be ( See Caramel Shadow image above ). Grey coverage with the brown shades requires 3 hours minimum. Blonde & Red Shades you can play with, less time = less colour ( see Strawberry Shadow image below).


  • The dye has a peak and there is a point that after 4 to 5 hours you will not get any extra colour.
  • Wash your strand test out with conditioner only.
  • You don't have to wash the strand test out separately, you can wash your entire hair at the same time at once. Make sure you rinse it out well until there is no residue left. Use conditioner to release any paste particles.
  • Allow the colour test to settle in your hair for 2 days. It takes a little while for the colour to bind with the keratin in your hair and give its true colour.

If you have any questions please ask.

We have created a chart with the measurements for each of our organic hair colours: