Our organic hair colours are made from plants. There are absolutely no nasties or chemicals added. We disclose our full ingredient list on all products and they are 100% certified organic
with NASAA & USDA 

To get the best colour result from our hair colours we recommend you follw the enclosed instructions found in your product. Following these steps will give you the best result.
If you are new to our products please reach out if you have any questions.

Our hair colours do not alter the structure of your hair. That is why they are called a 'semi-permanent' colour. 

Did you know
that the term 'permanent hair colour' refers to a chemical process in which harsh, toxic chemicals are used to open the cuticle of your hair and deposit colour? 

Our colours are long lasting but DO NOT act as a chemcial permanent hair dye does 

The term "semi permanent colour' refers to colours that do not alter or open the cuticle of the hair during the colouring process.

All a bit confusing right?

They simply add colour to your hair by staining the keratin. 
Semi-permanent does not mean that the colour washes out. Our colours are long lasting and may fade a little but will not wash out of your hair. this is great for maintaining a rich colour.