We are passionate about organic and that is why we are Certified with NASAA & USDA.

Certification is about supporting the organic community. This is done through annual inspections and subscription payments which are used by the organic Not For Profit Organisations to raise awareness as well as assist organic farmers both here in Australia and in the US.​

We strongly believe that you can only claim to be 'organic' if you carry accreditation from a recognised Organic Certifier. With so many organic claims now being made it is important for us to shine the light and lead the way in the Hair colour industry as the
FIRST & ONLY 100% Certified organic hair colour on the market here in Australia.
This is BIG stuff from a little Aussie business!

Australia does not have regulations with regards to the use of the term 'organic' on products. This means any product or company can use this claim on their labels even if they do not have organic certification or contain organic ingredients. Therefore it is left to the consumer to understand the organic certifications and decipher claims made on products.  
The USA has strict regulations with the use of the term 'organic' on products. Only products with organic accreditaion to USDA standards can carry the 'organic' claim

Why are we certified through NASAA?

NASAA = National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia
​Since 1986 this non-for-profit organization has been vigilant and supportive to the Australian farmers and natural products producers, reinforcing ethics and standards so Australia can continue providing the best products for the Australian and international market.

NASAA was the first certification body in Australia to achieve accreditation through the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), which is a great achievement. Now NCO (NASAA certified organizations) covers over 7 million hectares and
900 licensed operators & producers. 

It is clear that NASAA’s achievements as an institution are greater than many others that can be seen in the market, but for Desert Shadow it was very appealing to have a certification body with high standards where any approved cosmetic label has to have up to 95% certified organic ingredients, and as we have nothing to hide, we decided to go for the most rigorous certification we could find in Australia.