Contributing to causes that are making a difference
Supporting those who support the environment is a small thing we can do to make a difference. A percent of all profits at Desert Shadow are donated to different causes that focus on our Native Australian environment and its inhabitants..... Native animals.
Unfortunately, Australia doesnt have the best track record for endangered species which includes plants and animals, so we think it is so important to contirbute.

Desert Shadow donates to the following Not for Profit organisations

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre
Kaarakin is based on the Noongar word “Kaarak” wich means “black cockatoo”.

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre is the only facility dedicated to the conservation, rescue and rehabilitation of wild, native black cockatoos in Australia. Kaarakin is located in the Perth Hills and is currently home to approximately 200 black cockatoos at various stages of rehabilitation. You can read more about KAARAKIN and what they do here

This Centre is so important to our community because Black Cockatoos are an endangered speices. They have lost large parts of their habitat all over Australia due to farming, agriculture and development. These majestic birds feed on specific native tree nuts and seeds and require tree hollows to nest and breed. Large swathes of old growth forrest and suitable feeding & nesting trees have been cleared..... so these guys are having a hard time finding food and shelter in the citys and even out in the country side. 

It is our responsibility as Australians to protect and look after these magical birds so they can continue to light up the skies with their song and signal the rains coming for future generations

The Black Cockatoo is one of our totem animals at Desert Shadow. They have always been near and always come to say hello when ever they are in the neighbourhood.

Desert shadow donates monthly to help support the centre in doing their work to care and nurture these cuties. If you feel the call to donate directly please click on the image to the right to be taken to the Kaarakin website 


​This project works to reclaim & rehabilitate rain forest areas in the North East of Australia. The reclaiming of land through buybacks is the best and most efficient way to ensure our native rain forests remain untouched and are not consumed by development & agriculture. Currently they are working hard to save pockets of the Daintree Rain forest which is one of the oldest rain forests on the planet. Rain forest 4 also work together with the Orangutan Information Centre in Sumatra. We love the fact they support our neighbouring countries that need assistance & support.

Desert Shadow donates monthly to support this amazing organisation save our habitat. If you would like to read more about this cause or contribute yourself, please click on the Rain forest 4 Picture to the left where you will be taken to the Rainforest 4 website.​

Showing up & taking action
Taking action to live and walk a little lighter on the planet doesnt take that much. It is the small things you can do every day as an individual that can make an impact. Simply by leading by example and spreading your knowledge within the community in a loving way we can all make a difference. Saying no to plastic bags is one small part but there are many other ways we at Desert Shadow take action to be gentler on the planet..

How do we take action at Desert Shadow?
Not wasting food, composting, growing food & insect loving plants, letting the snails, slugs & bugs eat a little of what we grow, shopping locally at growers markets & farmers markets, choosing organic, being minimal and consuming less 'things', buying secondhand from op shops and flea markets, re using and re purposing, walking and not driving, flushing every 2nd time (with reason), turning lights off and not using heaters or air conditioners are just a few things we do to reduce our impact. 
If you are a light walker or wish to become one you can join us on our facebook group where we discuss tips not only for our products but also for discussing ways of taking action.

How do we show up at Desert Shadow?
Joining the Northern Beaches community Clean Up Crew once every 2 months. 
Volunteering at the gardening days at the community garden every fortnight.
Re purposing items found on the street verge collections.
Buying only what we need and use at work

Stand up & Speak up
Standing up for what you feel strongly about is so important. We Stand up and speak out about the following causes that are important to our hearts.

How do we Stand up and speak up at Desert Shadow?
We follow many causes that are taking action against injustices to people & planet and contribute by donating money and by showing up at rallies and protests. Numbers and voices are noticed so we feel it our duty as members of the community to show up and speak up with love and heart.

Here are just a few causes we love
Please click on each cause to be taken to their website and find out more:

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre
Rain Forest 4
Save our Coast
Stop the Cull. Save our Sharks
Stop dirty palm oil
WA Forrest Alliance
Margaret River environment centre

Community Garden
Gardening is what it is all about!
Having your own vegies growing in the garden is one of the best things you can do for the environment.
You can feed your vegies with compost that you make from your kitchen scraps. Compost makes the plants grow super healthy, strong & tasty.  It is the ultimate in taste and there is nothing better than grounding yourself by digging in the dirt.
We are members at our local community garden In Freshwater, NSW. Every fortnight we have a garden busy bee and harvest communal goodies from the garden.

Last Spring ( 2019 ) we decided to split the native bee hive because they were getting a bit crowded in there. Tomas built the native bees 2 new homes from scrap wood that our Cabinet maker neighbour gave us. They are super cosy and loving their new homes ( you can see them in the picture to the right ). Native bees are little sweeties, we don't harvest any of their honey we keep them so they can spread the love around the garden and pollinate our garden beds.