Please see our articles & videos below for a 'how to guide' on mixing and applying your organic hair colours. *These same articles and more can be found on our 'Complete organic BLOG'

The liquid measurements are listed on the descriptions of each product in the shop page.

Mixing guides

Mixing guide 

Make your mixing liquid for Brown shades

step 1 - grey coverage

Mixing guide for Brown shades

(Caramel, Chestnut, Deep Chestnut, Honey, Walnut & Chocolate)

Not sure how to make your mixing liquid? watch this video

How to mix your Brown Shades

read or watch here

Mixing guide

Paste consistency - How to mix

your organic hair colour 

Here we explain and give you tips on how to get the right consistency with your

hair colour mix - read here

Mixing guide for Red & Blonde shades.

(Strawberry, Copper, Red, Deep Red & Sun)


Go through the full mixing process with Charmaine, founder of Desert Shadow

watch the video


Mixing guide for Indigo Shadow


How to mix Indigo Shadow

read here

Application guide

Click here to watch the video on

How to apply your hair colour