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Organic henna kit 50g

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What is in the pack

50g of Certified organic henna powder

1x Applicator bottle (reuseable)

1x Stencil

1x Mandala sticker

1x Mixing instruction & aftercare sheet

Pure body art quality henna powder

Certified organic, ethically sourced, sustainable

This henna powder is the only henna powder in Australia that carries both the USDA & NASAA organic certifications.

Properties & Ritual

Henna is a healing plant that carries a natural dye that can be used to creat beautiful and temporary body art designs. It has cooling & antifungal properties.

Henna art covers the globe and is constantly changing and evolving to become part of peoples every day life. It carries with it good luck and Baraka (blessedness), so whoever wears or delves into this art will always be with good fortune.


Organic certified: NASAA & USDA

Professional quality - Finely sifted

3% Lawsone content for deep, dark & long lasting staining power. Smooth & stringy this henna powder is ideal for those fine lines, draping and detail

Harvest region: Rajasthan, India

Harvest crop: November 2020

More about henna

Henna Art is a century old tradition of body adornment and beautification which has been dated back as far as ancient Egypt in the tombs of the Pharoahs. This ancient art form has travelled the paths of time, through many cultures and continents to reach us here in Australia in the 21st century.

Henna art covers the globe and is constantly changing and evolving to become part of peoples every day life. It carries with it good luck and Baraka (blessedness), so whoever wears or delves into this art will always be with good fortune.

Henna its self is actually a plant or shrub which grows in the desert. At the Henna Tent we source our henna from Rajasthan, India. Rajasthan is world famous for having the best staining henna and this is because it has a hot and dry climate. The henna plant thrives in this climate and the less water it receives the stronger the concentration of henna colour ( known as lawsone) you will find in the leaves. The leaves are where we get the colour from and by crushing them up into a fine powder and mixing this with tea and some selected essential oils you can make a paste that can be applied to the skin to make patterns that will last a few weeks.

Our henna is harvested once a year and is referred to as the SUMMER crop. Many people say that henna is planted all year round and that different seasons give different colour strength. While this may or may not be true..... I know for certain that our farmers harvest just once a year. Why? Because the best time for growing henna is over the summer. Our farmers are lead by Botanists who are passionate about sustainable farming, agriculture and organic processes. They companion plant the henna with Ayurvedic medicinal plants and other plant specices that are beneficial for each other. This is how we can offer you the best Organic Henna in Australia.