Palo Santo incense stick 10g - 1x single stick

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Palo Santo means 'Holy Stick' or 'Holy wood' in Spanish.

This Palo Santo has been sustainbly gathered from the forest floors of Peru in South America. That is why our sticks are small in size. You only need a small amount and one smudge stick will last many rituals. Please use this product with intention and consume it consciously.

Palo Santo has a magical aroma that is known for it cleansing & healing properties.

You will receive 1 stick of Palo Santo wood with a total weight of no less than 10g. Product varies in appreance and may look different to the image above. 


Meditation, Prayer Work, Healing work, Practitioner tools, purifying spaces, clearing the air, and personal enjoyment.

Although there has not been many studies based on incense as " aromatic medicine", there are some reputable reports on herbs when offered as a smoke, has the potential to create anti bacterial & antimicrobial qualities.


How to use

To burn your incense, simply light the end of your stick and allow the flame to burn for 30 seconds before blowing it out. Gently wave the smouldering stick in the air to allow the smoke rise. Keep a dish under the smudge and be careful not to drop lit ash or embers/sparks. When finished place your stick in a fire proof dish. The smoulering section will go out on its own unless you continue to blow or fan the incense. Ensure flame is out before leaving it unattended.

Bring your attention to the smoke as it dances around your space. I recommend opening windows while this takes place as, the smoke will remove the unwanted energies and carry it away. Only the smallest amount is needed to do the work.

IMPORTANT! NEVER leave burning incense unattended as it may cause fire.



Bursera graveolens (Palo Santo)



Use care when burning Incense. If you have respiratory conditions, plant allergies or are pregnant, I recommend not to use. Please seek medical advice before use. NEVER leave burning incense unattended as it may cause fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


*please note this product is wild harvested so it is organic but it is not certified organic.