Wooden Soap holder

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Made from natural wood, this air drying soap holder is perfect for your natural soaps and shampoo bars. Natural, chemical-free soaps and solid shampoos need to dry out between washes otherwise they get a little messy and mushy. This Eco firendly Soap Dish keeps your soap dry between uses, helping it stay in shape and last longer. 

size: 12cm x 8.5cm x 1.5cm



  • Helps your soap live longer by keeping it dry between uses
  • Minimalistic design perfect for any kitchen, bathroom or laundry
  • Eco friendly soap holder. Will not rust or create landfill like a metal or plastic soap dish 


Care instrauctions:

Scrub the soapy bits off soap holder weekly and it’ll last for ages. Don't leave the soap holder sitting in a puddle of water. Sit it somewhere where it can dry out. If it’s constantly wet, it will go mouldy