Shemana SHAMAN Ritual - Aura & Atmosphere Mist 100ml

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This sacred ritual tool will enhance connection to Mumma Earth and open channels to higher levels of consciousness. 

Activated with Crystal and Wildflower Essences and combined with the deep spicy, woody scent of Cedarwood & Juniper with a delicate lift of Rose and Vanilla.

Use as a body mist & room spray to align your auric field and enhance your atmosphere.
Spray around self and space with focus and intention to manifest and connect to a source of limitless guidance within.
Deepen group ceremony gatherings with this support tool, this spray will bring dynamic harmony and open a link to the universal mind.

Natural plant-based ingredients- Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free - Handmade in Australia

100ml Miron violet glass bottle + Mist spray + Printed box.


Pure Water, Jojoba Oil, ESSENTIAL OILS: Vanilla Absolute, Rose Absolute, Bergamot*, Juniper Leaf*, Cedarwood, Lavender*, Polysorbate 20, PhenoxyethanolCRYSTAL & WILDFLOWER ESSENCE: Hematite+, Selenite+, Pyrite+, Australian Blue Gum

*Certified Organic, + Wildcrafted

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