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Water Dreamer Hand crafted Herbal Incense 11g + 10 charcoal discs

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WATER DREAMER 'In acceptance I have flow'

a ritual Incense to offer hope through change, release, renewal. Celebrating flowers & water, Litha & garden offerings.


About the incense blend:

This incense blend was created with an honouring to the Summer elements and to the blooms opening themselves to the many pollinators. Florals, resins, berries, aromatic barks and Flower Essences offer a dreamy sweetness to your sacred space.

Dragonflies, Bees & Nectar feeders weave their way through the garden at this time, keepers of the dream & bringers of joy, light and creation.

Although the seasons and sabbats are forever changing, WATER DREAMER can be smouldered at any time of the year. A beautiful blend of floral notes and Summer garden memories.

Breathing light into the Summer winds as the Sun stands still.

To illuminate our days with inward reflection as the year begins to weave a cocoon of compartments that will bellow wind on our wings.


How to use: To burn your incense, simply sprinkle a pinch onto a lit charcoal disk and bring your attention to the smoke as it dances around your space. I recommend opening windows while this takes place as, the smoke will remove the unwanted energies and carry it away. Only the smallest amount is needed to do the work.

IMPORTANT! NEVER leave burning incense unattended as it may cause fire.


Rose, Calendula, Lavender, Frankincense, Copal, Juniper berries, Star Anise, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Garden blooms, Blue Lotus & Australian White Sage. Flower essences of Jacaranda, Angelsword, Water Violet & Rock Water, infuse this dreamy blend with emotional medicine.