Natural bamboo pads - Regular (winged & ultra thin) 10 pack

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These pads are giving back

Tsuno is an Australian buisiness that sells disposable, sustainable bamboo fibre sanitary pads and organic cotton tampons. These pads are made from a natural bamboo and corn fibre top sheet, individually wrapped in biodegradable sleeves, and finally packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes.

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable fibres available due to its fast growth-rate, low demands on resources and natural resistance to pests and fungi. It is also super absorbent, breathable, soft and comfortable, antibacterial, and just generally amazing!

There has also been no chlorine or dioxin bleach used in the manufacturing process. So NO NASTIES.

  • Suitable for daytime use
  • 10 pads per box
  • Ultra-thin
  • 50% of profits from this company are donated to One Girl
  • Winged
  • Natural bamboo top sheet
  • Super absorbent inner
  • Chlorine and dioxin bleach free
  • Leakproof and biodegradable films and wrappers. 


TSUNO is an Australian owned company with pads being manufactured in China *please see note below. We support this brand because they are organic, sustainable and they give back to communities in need.



"Tsuno pads are manufactured in an ISO 9001 2008 certified factory in China. They work with their suppliers to ensure compliance with SA8000 as it relates to health & safety, equal opportunities and diversity; ISO14000 as it relates to environmental management, all within the framework of an audit as part of Sedex membership"