Chocolate Shadow 100g

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Colour description

(3.1) Classic, classy brown, Chocolate Shadow is a rich colour that will give silky dark chocolate tones to all hair colours except for black*. 

This colour is ideal for most complexions and people with naturally brown or dark hair.

* We recommend a Red Shadow or Copper Shadow base application for hair with more than 30% grey, light blonde & colour resistant hair to achieve optimum colour results.

Colour & treatment in one

Our hair colour products also act as a treatment, helping to repair dry and damaged hair, leaving your hair soft and shiny.

This 100% Certified Organic formula is ideal for those who have scalp issues, sensitive skin and allergies to chemical hair dyes. It is also a wonderful and safe alternative for pregnant mums who would like to continue colouring during pregnancy* as they contain nothing but certified organic goodness.

Me Time required

Organic hair colours need time to deposit colour on your hair. Please allow the following amount of time for your colour treatment.

Non Grey coverage : 1 hr +

Grey coverage : 2 to 3 hrs


Amount of product required

Short hair & root touch ups - 1/2 pack

Medium hair - 1 pack

Long hair - 1 to 1.5 packs

Super long hair - 2 to 3 packs

Thick hair - will need to add an extra 1/4 pack for short hair and 1/2 (short to medium) to 3/4 pack (for long hair)

*Please note - repeated use will see your colour become richer and in some cases darker. Once you achieve the colour shade you like on the lengths, simply apply to the roots only and do a full application every 4th or 5th time to boost the colour at the ends. This will save time and product and ensure you have an even colour all over.


Lawsonia inermis, Indigofera Tinctoria, Cassia obovata, Aloe barbadensis.



*We recommend a strand test to determine desired processing time and final colour result. Colour resistant hair will require the longer period for processing time. Not recommended for people who wish to bleach or lighten their hair blonde in the future.

Strand test instructions can be found here


How to apply your hair colour at home

Take a look at our application tutorial video here


Liquid measurement for mixing

STEP 1 = 100ml diluted apple cider vinegar or black tea (30% ACV to 70% H2O or herbal tea).
STEP 2 = 150ml warm water 

20 to 50ml additional warm water (only if required)

For more information about different herbal teas & liquids that can be used to mix your colour please read this article:

Hair colour alchemist - beneficial herbal teas & liquids that can be used in your home hair colours 


Mixing guide

For a full mixing guide including videos please read this article: Guide to mixing brown shades

Chocolate Shadow dark natural brown hair colour swatch sample

Product Reviews

Written by Nhan on 18th Dec 2023

Chocolate colour

I am very happy with desert shadow I don't have anymore grey hair with their organically safe products

Written by Nina Fountain on 27th Oct 2023

So impressed with Desert Shadow

After using Chocolate Shadow for a few years I'm so thrilled to have found a product that I'm confident doesn't add toxins to my system and creates a beautiful colour. I recently contacted the company for some customer service and was so impressed with their commitment and ability to help. Thank you Desert Shadow team!

Written by K Harris on 5th Jul 2023

Desert Shadow Hair Colour Chocolate

Very good quality henna and indigo, clear instructions and tutorials and help on the website. Very pleased.

Written by Dani on 27th Apr 2023

Chocolate hair shadow

Since using this I’ve cut down hairdresser visits to one a year as hair tends to stay healthy for longer. The colour, including grey coverage tends to last me two months, so highly recommend. Very happy to have discovered desert shadow and the lovely people who run this company, they’re super attentive. Also, love the gratitude face oil, thank you!

Written by Priya on 2nd Feb 2023

Chocolate Shadow

Best option for people with skin sensitivities and allergies

Written by Danuta on 17th Jan 2023

Henna hair colour

I have been using various brands of Henna for 5o plus years, initially for the color and as conditioner.. Now I do it to cover my gray hair which last for 4 weeks., which is better than other henna on the market.

Written by Dee on 8th Oct 2022

Desert Shadow Hair Colour - Chocolate

Lovely result. Not too tricky to use, you just need a lot of time. I have some grey in my hair and it covers nicely, better than any chemical semi permanent hair colour I have ever used, including salon colours. I didn't use any of the pre colours, just went straight in with the chocolate. Going by the % of grey advised I probably just make in without doing a pre colour. Easy to rinse out, it does have a plant scent at first but mostly when your hair is wet. I recommend giving this a go, it is worth the time you put in.

Written by Carrol on 30th Aug 2022

Desert shadow hair colour

I searched the internet for nearly two years to find something organic and that didn’t have any chemicals in it. I finally found desert shadow and I’m wrapped. This was the best hair colour I have ever used since being allergic to normal salon colours.

Written by Kerida on 15th Feb 2022

Chocolate shadow

The hair colour is a really nice, dark brown. The powder looks and feels really good quality. Well pleased with product.

Written by Carrol on 24th Oct 2021

Chocolate shadow

Using Desert Shadow was the best thing I have ever done, I am allergic to all ingredients in hair colours and I googled so many companies to help me find a solution. By strike of luck I found desert shadow, I called them up and they were very honest from day one. And they provided an amazing service. I was so excited to colour my hair again but the natural way. I highly recommend them to anyone who is allergic to hair colour. Keep up the good work Thomas/Charmaine

Written by Shelly on 8th Sep 2021

First time user

Great first time use! I'm really pleased as my hair appears thicker and Chocolate Shadow provided very good grey coverage. I didn't use any of the suggested base additives as I didn't have them on hand, but I'm happy with the mild low lights, as it looks more natural. It's quite a dark shade, but I'm looking forward to seeing the final colour in a few days and in two month's time. I will definitely be buying again. Thank you Desert Shadow!

Written by Kerida on 13th Aug 2021

Chocolate Shadow

I am pleased with this product. It is a very dark brown and my hair feels softer and a little bit fuller after using it. I use the red base first so that the grey in my hair is well covered . Instructions in the box and on line are really really helpful. So pleased.

Weight: 0.16 KGS
First time users: Read & follow enclosed directions for mixing & application. More tips & info can be found on our blog.
Optimum grey coverage: Wash hair before application, follow grey coverage mixing instructions in full, apply and leave in the hair for minimum 3 hours.
How long will the colour last?: Our colours give long lasting coverage and may fade but will not wash out completely.
Colour maintenance: Once you have achieved the colour you like on the ends you can apply future applications to your regrowth only. This will avoid colour build up, save time & money. Apply full application every 5th -6th time.
Unsure of which colour to choose?: We suggest you select a colour closest to your natural shade. If you are still unsure please contact us for assistance.
Washing your hair colour out: Rinse your hair with water and use conditioner only to release particles. You may wish to apply conditioner twice to remove the colour paste.
Mixed too much product?: Chocolate Shadow Step 1 can be frozen but the Step 2 needs to be used once activated. Please see our blog about root touch ups for tips on how to get more that one treatment from your pack.