Our mission

" To promote healthy living through genuine organic hair & body alternatives."

About us

Our Why 

At Desert Shadow we are passionate about living natural, we use the products we make and would never mislead or sell something we didn’t believe would help people. We are on a crusade and do this because we want to make a difference and offer a genuine alternative. An alternative that is affordable, accessible and most importantly truthful and transparent with health & wellbeing of the planet our number 1 purpose & goal.


This business was not born from anything other than necessity. Necessity for natural, necessity to do things differently and to shake up the world of the home hair colouring industry. To have product ingredients that don’t cause harm to people or to the planet. To stand up and say NO to companies that sell poisons to their customers and mislead with tag lines and promise of beauty & youth. We want to educate people so they know that they no longer have to harm their bodies with chemical laden hair colours for the sake of beauty.



We thank you for your support in our life mission to spread conscious beauty

Xoxo Charmaine & Tomas

Our People

Desert Shadow started with a vision and passionate drive to create a change in the hair colour industry. 


Charmaine founded Desert Shadow in 2008 with the support of Tomas helping where he could. After 4 years of business Tomas jumped on board full time to help grow & nurture the business into something special. From humble beginnings in Fremantle Desert Shadow relocated to North Manly where they now call home.

Charmaine & Tomas' passion and dedication for all things natural in their personal lives flows over to the business. They both love being outdoors in nature, they love growing their own veggies and being part of their local community garden. 

How it all began

It all began when Charmaine couldn’t and wouldn’t use the regular chemical hair colours any longer. In 2008, after 18 months of trailing and testing, Desert Shadow was born.


“Every time I coloured my hair (which, at the time black was my colour of choice) I would get flare ups of psoriasis, my scalp would be red raw for days and apart from the fact my hair would be left dry and crunchy the smell was just awful. After having enough, I decided to look into why this was happening and the first thing I investigated were the ingredients in the products. Well, I nearly fell over when I did some research and was really angry, frustrated & sad because I trusted that these hair colour companies were selling me something that was safe to use. This couldn’t be further from the truth! A big red light was the lead acetate found in many of the darker colours, which is what I was using (and without knowing slowly poisoning myself). So began my journey to finding a better way, something more inline with how I wanted to treat my body and the environment.”


What are we passionate about?

Organic Certification

We love organic products and we always support those products who have taken the step to be certified by a recognised Organic Certification body such as NASAA, ACO & USDA. We feel this is an important step in supporting the organic industry and keeping it transparent, trusted and real. Many brands use the excuse that organic certification is expensive, yes it does cost money but it is worth it, when you weigh up the pros and cons it is actually quite fair and affordable. Businesses who are transparent and honest will persue organic certification. Those who are not probably wont but they will still be happy to ride the wave of popularity of the organic movement.

We are certified with NASAA & USDA. We are required to have a minimum of 97% Certified organic ingredients in our products. All of our colours & treatments are 100% Certified organic so we more than meet that standard. Yes we pay a subscription fee for our certification and we are happy to do so because it helps the organic farmers and the industry in general. Unfortunately the use of the word organic is now wide spread and there is no regualtion to ensure the claims are true. The only way to know it is a genuine Organic Certified product is to find the logo.


Fairtrade & ethical sourcing of ingredients

We are strong believers in fairtrade and buy and source these products in our everyday lives as well as in the business. There is no room for exploitation or unethical work practises in our world of Desert Shadow so here is how we sleep well at night in knowing what we do and who we choose to buy from does make an impact however big or small, the ripples will create change in some way. We have a close relationship with our suppliers of the hair colour ingredients. We visit them every few years to ensure we are happy with the standards and conditions people are working in. We only source from suppliers overseas if we have visited their working space and we aim to source locally as much as possible for all herbs and ingredients that are farmed here in Australia.




  • Our waterways

  • Recycling & using 100% post consumer recycled paper for all our paper packaging

  • Transparent information on all ingredients

  • Reducing our impact

  • Community

  • Helping people



'It's the little things we do each day that make a difference and leave us with a happy heart'

2017 was a year full of changes for us and Desert Shadow. We managed to migrate our home and business 3000km across the continent from Perth to Sydney. Sadly, this meant leaving lots of good things and people behind but it opened up a whole new window of opportunity in life and work.  It also saw us taking our products to Florida in the USA, where people are loving all things natural & Certified Organic. This makes us really happy because we love spreading good things around the world! A Current Affair found us in October and decided to spread the good news about Desert Shadow hair colours, with research showing the long term effects of using chemicals people are becoming more and more conscious of what they will won't use on their bodies (and what they will and wont believe in the way of claims). We also changed our postage courier services to a carbon neutral program which is a BIG THUMBS UP!


Success with all our packaging and brochures being made from 100% post-consumer recycled stock and started working on an option of biodegradable foils for the pouches, as our aim is to create a product that does not leave a trace.


We also closed off the year with the approval for acquiring new machines that will allow us to blend and package all our products on site again.  We have also almost finalized the long awaited reformulated shampoo and conditioner from Desert Shadow, which will be as close as Organic it can be and 100% free of palm oil or palm oil derivatives, silicon and any other unwanted chemically produced ingredients. We listened to our customers, made some changes and we are finally close enough to see it happening. All this is thanks to each and every one of you; that has supported this small but passionate business that only focuses on providing the best alternative we can get our hands on, so our beautiful planet and everyone can enjoy a healthier future, free of things that we were never meant to be exposed to.


Our dream for 2018 is to be able to go 100% renewable energy and power our facility with the blessings of the sun and wind, and also to hear from you and be able to make all the changes that you may want to see in our company as it is directly related to your life and future health. 


We thank every day we get to work in what we are passionate about and next to the person we love the most ( each other - those who work with their partners know what we mean) and a wonderful team. 

Equally, we love the fact that you have tried our products at least once and given us the chance to provide you with an alternative that could shape your future in a positive way.


Looking forward to 2018 and spreading more Organic Goodness around the place!

Read more about our passions and what steps we take to make a difference click here


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