Washing your hair colour out

Washing your hair colour out

Posted by Charmaine on 21st Aug 2017

Desert Shadow hair dyes are a colour & treatment in one, they are thicker and need to be washed out differently to your regular chemical colours. Here we go through some tips for washing out your organic hair colour


Rinse your hair and gently massage it under the running water of the shower. Use your gloves if you want to avoid staining your nails. The water at the bottom of the shower will be an opaque brown muddy colour.


Once you have massaged  a bit and the water colour at the bottom of the shower is now less muddy and more of a brown clear colour. Take some conditioner and apply to your hair, massage it in to your scalp and all the way down the lengths of your hair. This will help to release the particles. Repeat this step once or twice until the water at the bottom of your shower is clear. ( I usually condition twice to remove most of the paste ).


Dry & style as usual

PLEASE NOTE: There may still be some residue left in your hair after the initial wash out. Using conditioner alone and repeating a few times will reduce the amount left in your hair. The residue may leave your hair feeling a little dry but don't worry because once you wash your hair again after a couple of days the remaining particles will wash away and your hair will be left feeling great. If the feeling of the residue is bothering you simply wash your hair again. Use the condition, shampoo, condition method.


* Using conditioner alone will help to release the particles from your hair, detangle any knots and leave your hair silky and soft. It will be gentle on your new colour and ensure you get the best coverage

* If you prefer to get all the grains out, you can condition your hair, rinse, then shampoo your hair and condition again.

* To save water turn off the shower while you condition and massage.

* For those who don't use shampoo & conditioner you can simply rinse the paste out with water alone. There will be residue in the hair for a while until you remove it all from your hair after a few washes. Massage your hair gently but well to remove.

* When rinsing the colour paste out do a gentle focused massage on sections to avoid tangling and knots. Please see our video for a full wash out tutorial.