Using AMLA to reduce red

Using AMLA to reduce red

Posted by Charmaine on 21st Jul 2020

Here we look at how to use Amla to cool down red tones 

in your organic hair colours.

What is Amla?

Amla is a super fruit that is full of benefits for your hair. It contains vitamin C & antioxidants. It feeds and nourishes the scalp. It also has an astringent action which encourages long, strong growth by toning and tightening the hair follicles. It can be used alone as a treatment for volume, body & growth. It is also a great addition to your organic hair colour to give an extra boost or to help cool down any red tones. It can also help to subdue the vibrancy of copper accents found in our red colours. 

How do I use Amla to cool down my Desert Shadow organic hair colour?

By adding 20g of Amla to your hair colour you will see a difference in the reduction of red tones in your colour. Simply follow these steps for best results

Brown shades (Honey Shadow, Walnut Shadow, Chocolate Shadow, Caramel Shadow, Chestnut Shadow, Deep Chestnut Shadow)


Add 20g of Amla to STEP1+STEP2, mix and combine and then add lukewarm water little by little (you will need an additional 40 or 50 ml of lukewarm water to get the right consistency).

Activate and use as usual.


  1. Add 20g of Amla raw hair mask to your Step 1 powder before activating.
  2. Use the diluted apple cider vinegar or black tea mix as your activation liquid. Please note: you will need to add an extra 40 to 50ml of warm water to get the right consistency (you can follow the measurements for the activation liquid stated on the instructions leaflet and then add 40/50 ml of lukewarm water.)
  3. For grey coverage allow the mix to activate as per grey coverage instructions.

**Adding more than 20g will lighten the colour and change the shade completely. Please use only 20g

Walnut Shadow - on the rare occasion some individuals might pick up on the red tones more than usual. This usually happens if your hair is prone to throwing red. This is not a bad thing, it is just the way you were made. To make sure you don't get this red coming through you will add the 20g of Alma to the step 1 as mentioned above but first you will need to remove 10g to 20g of the step 1 prior to doing this. If this is your first time adjusting your Walnut Shadow then remove 10g and see how you go, next time if you wish you can remove the whole 20g. If you have questions please ask :)

Red shades (eg Strawberry Shadow, Copper Shadow, Red Shadow, Deep Red Shadow)

  1. Add 20g of Amla raw hair mask to your powder before activating.
  2. Please note: you will need to add an extra 40 to 50ml of warm water to get the right consistency.
  3. Allow your mix to sit for 20 mins before applying to your hair.

If you add more than 20g of Amla raw hair mask you will start to dilute the colour which we talk about in another post, to read click here

If you have any questions please reach out we are happy to assist.