Pregnancy & Desert Shadow organic hair colours

Pregnancy & Desert Shadow organic hair colours

Posted by Charmaine on 27th Aug 2021

Pregnancy & Hair colour 

Using Desert Shadow organic hair colours during pregnancy

with Charmaine, founder of Desert Shadow 

Our hair colours are 100% certified organic with USDA & NASAA and made from nothing but plants. For this reason they are generally safe to use during pregnancy.

If you haven't used our colours before or have had complications with your pregnancy we recommend you speak to your Doctor or health professional before using these products. We are confident that they will ok their use but better to be 100% confident and check.

Most Doctors advise Pregnant women to avoid colouring their hair with chemicals during pregnancy and for good reason! The chemicals that are found in your regular commercial and salon brands are full of toxic chemicals that are harmful to both you and your little one growing inside.

We are happy to offer a clean alternative which is free from toxic chemicals and is safe to use. If you have any questions please reach out 

xox Charmaine