Going lighter/bleaching after using our colours

Going lighter/bleaching after using our colours

Posted by Charmaine on 22nd Oct 2017

Desert Shadow hair colours are made from plant dyes. These plant dyes are naturally occurring in the plant ingredients we use and give great long lasting colour. Plant dyes are strong, they don’t bleach out of hair easily if at all.

Being long lasting and strong holding means that if you wish to bleach our colours out you will encounter some challenges.

For this reason we suggest you don’t use our colours if you think you may wish to lighten or bleach your hair colour in the future. You can use our treatments in between your salon lightening, highlights or bleaching to keep your hair and scalp healthy and happy.

We recommend you grow your Desert Shadow colour out before going lighter

What will happen if you do bleach your hair after using our colours?

Well that depends on which colour you have used and how light you are going. Below we look at what might happen if you bleach or lighten your hair after using Desert Shadow colours

Brown tones & Indigo

If you bleach your hair after using any of the Desert Shadow colours in a brown or black colour you will get a light blue result. 

Why does the colour go blue?

Brown tones are made up of a combo of red and blue or red and green. The colour result turns blue after bleaching because the bleach is able to remove all of the red component of the brown colour but finds it difficult to remove the blue component. This leaves you with a blue tone.

Red Tones

If you bleach your hair after using any of the Desert Shadow red colours you may find that the red simply lightens and does not completely come out. You may require a series of gentle lightening steps to remove all of the red colour. Note all of the colour may not be able to be removed from your hair.

Alternative solutions to going lighter:

1.Allow your Desert Shadow colour to fade & grow out completely before lightening. You can go cold turkey or you can gradually transition to a lighter tone in the Desert Shadow range over time, eventually allowing your natural colour to come through. This process will take from 3 to 12 months depending on the length of your hair.

2.Switch to regular chemical colours and colour match until you have grown out all of the Desert Shadow colour. Then you can consider lightening. ( When we say colour match we mean choose a chemical colour close to or a little darker than the Desert Shadow colour you currently have.