Colour your eyebrows with organic hair colour

Colour your eyebrows with organic hair colour

Posted by Charmaine on 5th Aug 2020

Our organic hair colours can also be used to colour your brows.

Here we break down so you can ditch the toxic eyebrow tints 

and go organic!


Using our organic hair colours to colour your brows can be easy. If you already use our colours for your hair you can apply to both your brows & your hair at the same time. If you only want to use for your brows you can also do this too, you will just need to proportion out your mix so you get the right colour (we will go through that a bit further on)

We recommend the following organic colours for your brows:

Walnut Shadow

Chocolate Shadow

**You can also choose any of our other colour but just be aware that the reds will be very vibrant and the lighter shades may not show up.

What you will need:

  • Desert Shadow organic hair colour
  • Mirror
  • lip brush or eyeshadow brush
  • Balm
  • 2 rectangular pieces of thin plastic that will cover the entire eyebrow and a bit.  *If you have glad wrap this is good. If you are a plastic free house you can salvage some from packaging and keep it for your eyebrows. Keep in mind it is best if it is clear, flexible and thin. Wash and re use as many times as you can.

The Process:

  1. Mix your organic hair colour paste as per directions in your pack.
  2. Wash your brows with a mild soap or foaming cleanser. Do not use anything with oils as this will form a barrier and prevent the dye uptake. Also, be cautious not to get the soap in your eye because we all know how that feels!
  3. Apply Temple O Body Balm or any thick natural butter to the skin around your eyebrows to form a protective barrier on the skin and prevent any dye staining your skin. Again, avoid direct contact with the eye. A cotton bud helps.
  4. Using a lip brush, eyeshadow brush or cotton bud, Apply the paste to one brow at a time. Apply in the direction of your hair growth and try to stay within the outline of the brow. Make sure you apply a thick layer, you want it to be like icing on a cake so don't be shy and apply a few coats. If the paste is lifting up, give it a little massage with the brush to get the paste to the base of the brow hairs.
  5. Cover the painted brow with your pre cut covers. They should stick well if you have applied enough balm around the outside of the eyebrow. If not apply more.
  6. Leave to process for 1 to 4 hours. If you are applying to the brows at the same time as colouring your hair you can leave for the same amount of time.

NOTE: you may need more than one application to achieve a deep colour result. You can reapply as soon as you wish. Repeated applications will build the colour and may not need to be left on for as long

example 1 - apply the paste to your brows at the same time as applying to your hair and leave for the full 3 hours.

example 2 - apply the paste to your brows and leave for one hour, remove and repeat the next day.

Washing the paste from your brows:

It is important to remove the paste from the eye brows before stepping into the shower to rinse off your hair colour. This will avoid any of the colour from your brows getting into your eyes.

  1. Remove the eyebrow covers
  2. With a cotton ball or tip remove as much of the paste from your brown by wiping/scraping the thick layer off. Be careful not to get the paste in your eye as it will be gritty, sandy and is irritating to the eyes.
  3. Concentrate on one brow at a time
  4. Dampen a fresh cotton ball and wipe the brow in the direction of the hair growth. Rinse your cotton ball and repeat this process until the paste and residue has been removed. Do not use a wet cotton ball because it will cause drips in the eye.... Wet the cotton ball and squeeze it out so it is just damp.
  5. You can then jump in the shower and rinse the paste from your hair

If you wish to colour your brows only you will need to use these 

proportions for each colour

Walnut Shadow:

Use 12g of step 1 + 8g of step 2

Mix and apply as per colour instructions 

*be sure to follow all steps and use black tea instead of diluted lemon or apple cider.

Chocolate Shadow:

Use 8g of step 1 + 12g of step 2

Mix and apply as per colour instructions

*be sure to follow all steps and use black tea instead of diluted lemon or apple cider.