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31st Jul 2019

Prevent your shade from fading

There is always the concern with coloured hair that it will fade too quickly. This can be disappointing, as after all, you’ve spent time and money achieving your gorgeous shade and you really it want to stay around for as long as possible. Many elem…

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22nd Oct 2017

Going blonde or lighter after using Desert Shadow

Desert Shadow hair colours are made from plant dyes. These plant dyes are naturally occurring in the plant ingredients we use and give great long lasting colour. Plant dyes are strong, they don’t bleach out of hair easily if at all.Being long lasting…

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21st Aug 2017

Washing your hair colour out

Desert Shadow hair dyes are a colour & treatment in one, they are thicker and need to be washed out differently to your regular chemical colours. Here we go through some tips for washing out your organic hair colourFirst Rinse your hair and gent…

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