Virgin Coconut Oil Soap Tea Tree 125g

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Imagine you just dropped your suitcases, all you can hear is the ocean and the waves crushing on the shore, you take a dive on that plush comfy bed with your eyes closed and what you can smell is the sweet fragrance of coconut.

This is what taking a shower with this soap is like!!!!


We strongly recommend to use it with a Soap Saver bag (sold separately). It works amazingly!


Made from certified-organic virgin coconut oil, these soaps gently cleanse and moisturize your body, leaving your skin feeling soft & smooth. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

LUXURIOUS LATHER THAT IS NON-DRYING: Our bar soaps produce a rich lather that will not dry out your skin, perfect for washing your hands, removing makeup, lathering up for a shave, or soaping up in the shower.

PURE SOAP – NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our soap bars are made only from high quality organic coconut oil, lye, and essential oils. No ingredients you cannot pronounce, we do not add any chelating agents, dyes, whiteners, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, detergents, or foaming agents.

GREAT FOR THE PLANET & YOU: Niugini Organics bar soaps use all-natural, vegan ingredients that pose no threat to the environment. Our coconuts come from trees that grow naturally in wild rainforests, we are against non-sustainable practices such as land-clearing and plantations. Our products are cruelty-free & never tested on animals.

PROUDLY SUPPORTING THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: We pay above “Fair Trade” prices when buying our coconuts from local farmers on the beautiful Gazelle Peninsula on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The local “Tolai” people follow a matrilineal system of land inheritance – we are proud that our supply chain puts money directly in the hands of women landowners!



Sodium Cocoate (saponified coconut oil), Water, tea tree oil

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