Some of our shampoos have crooked, bubbly or marked labels. There is nothing wrong with the product..... just the outside of the bottle.

Rather than watsing them we want to pass them on to someone who would love to try and not worried about the label being marked or creasy.

We have 11 available.


You are a conscious shopper by choosing this product. You choose to honour yourself, your body and mother nature’s provisions like: nourishing food, clean water, fresh air and plants.

Those plants that give us the goodies used in our products, to cleanse our hair without destroying our habitats, waterways or compromising our own health.

Before man made chemicals, nature had answers.

Ugly duckies - Habitat Palm oil free Shampoo 370ml

AU$24.95 Regular Price
AU$13.70Sale Price
  • This powerhouse shampoo is suitable to cleanse all hair types. Packed with scalp nourishing extracts, that work together to promote healthy hair, from root to tip. Formulated for colour treated hair, Habitat Shampoo will leave your hair clean, refreshed, well fed & free of Palm Oil, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Parabens & Polyethylene glycol.


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