Welcome to our plastic refill program!


Reduce - Reuse - Recycle


At Desert Shadow our aim is to be as friendly as possible to people, to animals & to the Earth. The use of plastics is not ideal but for some products it is unavoidable. Our solution to this is offering you a discounted product to enable you to do your bit and help us do our bit for the planet.


REFILL - Palm oil free Conditioner refill program 370ml

  • Okay, so you pay for posting the bottles back to us and in return we offer you $9.95 discount on each refill item.

    If you refill one bottle you are doing a good deed by using Palm oil free and saving the plastic, if you refill 2 bottles or more you are doing a good deed and saving a lot of money which can only be good.

    Our Karma box with 2 to 4 empty bottles will cost you $8.30 to send with Australia Post.

    This equates to the following savings:

    Refill 1x bottle and save $1.65.

    Refill 2x bottles save $11.60

    Refill 3x bottles and save $21.55




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