How long does the colour last in the hair?

Here we explain how long your organic hair colour will last and the different variables which may make it last longer or for less time. Everyones hair is different and behaves differently depending on many factors such as its condition, your hair type, previous damage, medications and more. We try to cover everything but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Firstly I will explain what a permanent hair colours is. Knowing this will help us to compare chemical colours with natural colours and then we can understand their personalities a little better.....

Permanent hair colours ALWAYS contain chemicals. In fact, the term 'permanent hair colour' refers to the actual chemical process that opens the cuticle of the hair, removes the existing colour, replacing it with another colour and then closing & smoothing the cuticle down (a mouthful I know). Some of the chemicals that create this 'Permanent colour' process are also used for photographic developing, textile dying, printing inks, making rubber.....and the list goes on. These chemicals are harmful to the waterways and your health. I won't go into that too much here but if you are interested to know more please read our other article on 'The Truth about hair dyes'

Now we know that lets look at organic hair colours

Our colours are called semi permanent because technically they don't change the structure of the hair with the chemical processes we mentioned above. Our colours actually bind with the keratin present in your hair to create your very own shade of colour.

First time use,

the colour will last 4 to 6 weeks before fading. Lighter shades such as Sun shadow will fade more than our red & darker shades like deep Red & Chocolate shadow. 

Once you have used Desert Shadow a few times you will find that the organic colour builds up to a beautiful, deep, permanent shade. Repeated use will see your colour become richer and in some cases darker. Once you achieve the colour shade you like, simply apply to the roots only and do a full application every 4th or 5th time to boost the colour at the ends.

After long term use, the colour will not completly fade from the hair especially if your natural colour/regrowth is lighter than the Organic colour chosen. For this reason we do not recommend our hair dyes for people who like to change from dark to light or anyone who is considering going blonde in the near future as our plant dyes are amazingly strong and like to stay in your hair.

Factors that may affect your lasting colour:

Damaged hair:

Damaged hair usually has some changes to the cuticle. This could result in a stronger colour result on the damaged section and a lighter colour result on the healthy regrowth or even vice versa. It could also mean your colour fades quicker. The best way to approach this is to ride it out. Continue to use natural products and allow your hair to detox and grow out. As it grows you can trim the ends off, eventually allowing it to grow out completely. Chemical hair treatments, styling, straightening, perming & chemical colouring all takes its toll on the strands and your hair will bounce back with the new growth and lots of gentleness.

Thick porous hair:

This type of hair may be a little colour resistant and will need more attention to get a good coverage. How do you know if you have this hair type? Well you will usually know from previous visits to the hair dresser but if you are unsure the only way to know is to give it a go. If you find the coverage isn't as good as you hoped for please contact us. The best way to approach this is to follow the grey coverage mixing instructions.

Light coloured hair:

Light coloured hair will uptake colour and hold onto it longer than darker coloured hair. The colour will be more noticeable, very similar to the swatches provided and may not completely fade from the hair. Only choose a dark colour if you are committed to the up keep otherwise go for a lighter shade.

Here I will give some examples of what fading may occur with different colours after 1 time use:

If your base colour/ natural colour is blonde or grey:

Sun Shadow will fade and may fade completely

Strawberry will fade but may not fade completely

Copper, Red and Deep Red will fade but still remain vibrant.

Honey will fade considerably and will be subtle

All other browns and blacks will fade but not much.

If you base colour is light to medium brown:

Sun Shadow will fade and probably fade completely

Strawberry will fade considerably

Copper, Red and Deep Red will fade but still remain in the hair.

Honey will fade considerably and will be subtle when used.

All other browns and blacks will fade a little but not completely.

If you base colour is dark brown:

Copper, Red and Deep Red will fade more or less completely.

All medium browns will fade considerably

Dark browns & black will fade a little but not completely.

**please note this information is general in nature and is a guide only. Always perform a strand test before full application, take into consideration your own hair needs and read the full instructions before using any of our products.


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