Dream Ritual Incense 11g + 10 Charcoal discs

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Australian Made, Sustainable, chemical free & certified organic when possible.

All herbal incense is blended with care & respect by Carmen


"Always give thanks to the Spirit of all living things.. to all of the elements & to our natural world for holding you as you walk through life.

May the smoke + foliage bring you peace, strength, healing, & deepen your connection to the natural world"

Carmen of Lulanimoon Therapies


About Lulani Moon incense

Lulani Moon herbal incense is blended using herbs, berries, resins and barks to support the physicial & spiritual body. During the blending process, specific Australian Bush Flower Essences are added to assist us in holding or shifting the emotional aspects of self.

Non toxic and completely in alignment with nature, Lulani Moon herbal incense has many aromatic layers and some may be more pleasant than others as the intention is about connection to the plant realm rather than the aromatic qualities.


For Connecting you to your Dream Space

D R E A M: /driːm/ : a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.

D R E A M is a beautiful blend of herbal incense to evoke a sense of deep stillness and relaxation to prepare you for your dreaming space. Only to be used with a pure intent upon sleeping as these herbs are deeply relaxing.


Meditation, Prayer Work, Healing work, Practitioner tools, purifying spaces, clearing the air, and personal enjoyment

Although there has not been many studies based on incense as " aromatic medicine", there are some reputable reports on herbs when offered as a smoke, has the potential to create anti bacterial & antimicrobial qualities.

Lulani Moon herbal incense is burned on a charcoal disc for you to enjoy and to connect to the Spirit of smoke.


How to use

To burn your incense, simply sprinkle a pinch onto a lit charcoal disk and bring your attention to the smoke as it dances around your space. I recommend opening windows while this takes place as, the smoke will remove the unwanted energies and carry it away. Only the smallest amount is needed to do the work.

IMPORTANT! NEVER leave burning incense unattended as it may cause fire.


Watch videos:

How to light a charcoal disc

How to burn loose incense part 1

How to burn loose incense part 2



Botanicals: Mugwort, Damiana, Jasmine, Heather, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Euphorbia, Passionflower, Myrrh, Rosemary, Palo Santo, Lavender & Roasemary

Flower Essences:  Black Eyed Susan, Angelsword & Green Spider Orchid



Use care when burning Lulani Moon Incense. If you have respiratory conditions, plant allergies or are pregnant, I recommend not to use. Please seek medical advice before use. NEVER leave burning incense unattended as it may cause fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


*please note these products are natural and contain organic ingredients but they are not certified organic.

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