Mixing & Application for Hair Masks 

Take a look below at our mixing videos and application guide.

The videos are quick and easy and will help you to get that perfect mix.

It is a little bit like cooking!  


Mixing guide for your hair treatment masks

Click on the video below to see the full hair treatment mask mixing process. It's just like making a cake! 

This video applies to the Hair Masks as well as the Amla & Shine Shadow.


click the video to see our youtube mixing clip


Application guide  

Your treatment masks can be applied to clean or unclean hair, damp or dry.

I usually apply mine when it is time for a wash, that way it will cleanse and treat at the same time.


This guide shows you how to apply the mask to the full length of your hair with a tinting brush.

You don't have to worry if you don't get all the bits because you can massage it through at the end.


Helpful tips 

At Desert Shadow we use what we sell. So this means we have a lot of tips to help your experience be the best.

Click on our blog posts below below to see our handy hair treatment hints on that subject. 

Remember if you have any questions please contact us!


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