Maintain healthy locks


Healthy hair is something we all love to own. Keeping your locks healthy and strong can be as easy as following a routine & using products that care for both your scalp & hair. 

Use daily as a leave in treatment, or 
weekly, as an intense treatment.


Hair Silk is a rich combination of nourishing oils that will assist in repairing damaged hair. It also feeds the scalp to encourage new healthy growth. If we had smell cam you would be sniffing the screen because this oil smells divine, with essential oils of Geranium, Sandalwood, Lavender and Rosemary you are going to float off to hair heaven.



  • Apply a small amount to the ends of your hair daily or after each wash. 

  • Use every 1 to 2 weeks as an intense hot oil treatment. Warm the oil and apply to your scalp & strands. Massage in well and wrap your hair in a towel to keep it warm and let the nourishing oils penetrate the hair. Leave in your hair for 1 hour or over night and wash out the next day.

EDEN Hair Mask
Use monthly as an intense treatment mask.


A powerful mask that will detox, cleanse, nourish, tone, moisturise and promote healthy hair. Eden hair mask will feed your scalp and assist with repairing damaged ends.



  • Use each month as an intense hair mask.

  • Apply the mask to your scalp & strands. Massage well and wrap your hair in a towel to keep it warm and let the  treatment work its magic. Leave in your hair for 15 to 60 mins.

  • Please note this product may add a slight ash to light blonde & platinum blonde hair. Please see our blonde hair treatments sections or do a patch test to determine if this will be a result.


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